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No more pain, No more leaking! 
Have Pelvic Floor Freedom for life
Do You ...
  • Want to be pain free?
  • ​Want confidence that you understand your pelvic floor and are doing the right exercises?
  • ​Want to treat your whole body NOT just part of it?
  • ​Want complete confidence in your body?
  • ​Stop Leaking?
If you answered YES to any of these then the PELVIC FLOOR FREEDOM is for you.
For a ONE OFF price of $127
What Makes this Program Special?
  • It is much more than just a workout - it empowers you to UNDERSTAND your body and take control.
  • ​Built for the BUSY MOM - the workouts are all 10-15 mins long PLUS 2 min exercises for those days that you "just don't have time"
  • ​Takes a holistic approach by combining PELVIC FLOOR exercises with MOBILITY and GLUTE workouts - so you regain long term function
  • ​Information on daily HABITS to help you not just regain function but maintain function.

What if didn't leak anymore? 
What if you had the confidence to jump, run and play with your kids?
This is not just another "program"!

with over 50% of ladies over 50 years having incontinence - can you afford not to take care of yourself?

NOW is the time
Have Pelvic Floor Freedom for a  ONE-OFF investment of $127
Check Out a Few of the Results from just the assessment part of the program!
Your Questions Answered...
Do I need to do the Pelvic Floor Challenge First?
NO! You will have access to the assessments we go through in the challenge as part of the program
I have Diastasis Recti - Can I still do this program?
YES! You need to connect and regain function of the pelvic floor and gain mobility to heal your diastasis - and this should be done FIRST - so this program may in fact help your DR as well.
I don't have leaking - is this program still relevant for me?
YES! A number of ladies don't even realise they have pelvic floor dysfunction because they don't have "obvious" symptoms, but you should assess your pelvic floor at least once every 6 months to maintain its health (like you would with your teeth) because if you catch changes quickly it is much easier to treat. Also if you have any back pain, hip pain, this program will help that with the mobility section..
Should I still see a Pelvic Floor PT?
Ideally yes. In fact during the assessment phase a number of ladies realise they do need to see a pf PT as well as do this program - this way they are getting the hands on help they need plus the mobility and daily habits to support it..
Do I need access to the internet?
YES. The program and all the videos are accessed via a membership site on the internet. You can download the programs and written instructions, but you will need to view the videos on the internet.
Can I do the workouts at home?
Yes, they are all at home based workouts.
What equipment do I need?
Most equipment is things you can find around the home, towels, wall, tennis ball, broom stick kids bouncy ball - but a foam roller would be useful and if you don't have a kids bouncy ball a pilates ball would be a great piece of equipment to have,
 Can I do this while pregnant?
Yes, though you may need to adjust some exercises as you go and you shouldn't do an internal assessment unless your doctor says it is ok.
 How do I get access to the program site? 
You will be emailed the link - so keep an eye on your inbox! If you misplace the link simply email me at support@katrinaoakley.com or ask in the Facebook group and I will resend you your information as soon as I can
 How long do I have access to the program for? 
You will have long term access to it. I can't say "life-time" as if something happens to me then there will be no-one to support it.
 I have more questions? 
Email them to me at: support@katrinaoakley.com
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